FOB Shipping Point Definition What is FOB Shipping Point

fob destination vs fob shipping point

If other terms are negotiated, however, the buyer may be liable for the expenses. The shipping company requires payment before shipping the goods, so the process of arranging and paying for shipping is all done in advance. Unless specified otherwise, the seller pays shipping costs in an FOB Destination arrangement. If a seller ships goods to a customer that are lost in transit, the shipper must compensate for the loss by replacing the products or reimbursing the buyer for the cost. Since the shipment is the FOB shipping point, the delivery is made when the carpets are shipped. Bloemen Alle should record the sale of $5,000 on 21 October 2012. The title of the goods usually passes from the supplier to the buyer.

fob destination vs fob shipping point

Freight Collect – Buyer pays and bears freight charges once goods are received. Freight Prepaid and Added – Seller pays freight charges and then bills them to buyer.


State and briefly explain three conditions which have to be satisfied before the use of the weighted average cost of capital can be justified. Explain what is the carrying cost formula of the beginning and ending inventory.

  • Goods being moved across country borders, on ocean cargo ships, or during hazardous local conditions may be at higher risk of something going wrong.
  • If you’re buying products in bulk shipped to your business or warehouse, you’re already using the FOB options your wholesale distributors have chosen.
  • International commercial laws have been in place for decades and were established to standardize the rules and regulations surrounding the shipment and transportation of goods.
  • Just like our users, you can build your ecommerce website with us and set specific shipping rules on your online store.
  • Since the buyer takes ownership at the point of departure from the supplier’s shipping dock, the supplier should record a sale at that point.
  • These loading costs include customs clearance, inland haulage, demurrage if any, origin documentation charges, and origin port handling charges – in this case, the origin port is Miami.

Some companies prefer to have ownership of their materials throughout the process – either incoming or outgoing. They will handle all concerns and have their say in any decisions that must be made. If you are particular fob shipping point about your goods, such as a small business that needs to make a good reputation, you may want to retain that control. In the world of commerce, there are several ways to charge your customers with different fees.

What is FOB Shipping Point?

For instance, if the buyer’s location is New Orleans, the terms will read “FOB New Orleans”. Furthermore, the goods now belong to the buyer and the buyer’s accounting books can at this point record an increase in inventory. For instance, if goods are designated as “FOB Miami” it means the seller is responsible for the cost of transporting the goods to the port of Miami. Since the buyer takes possession of the items at its receiving dock, that is also where the seller should document a transaction. The International Chamber of Commerce publishes 11 Incoterms that outline the roles of both sellers and purchasers in global shipments. The ICC reviews and updates these terms once every decade; the next update is in 2030. An Insurance ClaimAn insurance claim refers to the demand by the policyholder to the insurance provider for compensating losses incurred due to an event covered by the policy.

fob destination vs fob shipping point

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